Hi, I'm Cassondra.

Weddings, Portraits, Travel.

I'm your new favorite mom friend/photographer. I always have your timeline within reach, will tell you how good you look multiple times, and will always have a snack or a bandaid in my bag. I want you to feel like you've known me for years so that you're 100% comfortable with me the day of your wedding. We'll laugh during your portraits, I'll be gently sarcastic with your wedding party, and I'll probably tear up during your speeches and first dance. Most importantly, I'll handle your moments like a pro and tell the story of your day through photographs you'll love

Already sold? Send me an email to get started. Wedding collections start at $1500 for 4 hours of coverage. 

Portrait sessions are a little different - you'll still get my specific brand of sarcastic humor and I'll still carry bandaids, but they tend to be a little more relaxed. 

Whether it's an engagement, a family, your birthday photos, or your new headshots, we'll pick a location and spend an hour or two together getting to know each other and creating images that feel like you - whatever that means. 

Portraits sessions start at $175. 

When I'm not photographing clients, I'm traveling with my husband to find new places to photograph and spending time outdoors. We're big fans of the National Parks system and have visited 23 of 63, explored 36 states, and countless state parks.

These photographs allow me to play with composition, lighting, and fuel the creative side of my brain a little more than my portraiture work. You can view them in my Adventures with Andrew collection. 

Want to combine portraiture or weddings and travel? Send me an email and let's make a plan.  

About Me

I grew up in Southern New Jersey and currently live just south of Philadelphia, PA. I like champagne, pizza, and playing cozy video games. I'm a Gemini and I read my horoscope almost daily. I like most types of music and a good true-crime thriller. I'm a sucker for a good vanilla latte or a chocolate chip cookie. I laugh at my own jokes - a lot. I've had a lot of jobs and they've almost all involved photography. I try not to take myself too seriously.

I hated being called Cassondra as a kid, but I've come around to it. Most of my friends call me Cass or Cassie, and you can too.

Want to know more?

Client Testimonials

"Cassondra is an incredible photographer and an amazing person. Thoughtful and professional, Cassondra's gift for finding the ideal moment to capture the best of what you didn't know was there, is unparalleled." 


"Our photos tell the story of our day perfectly - we can't choose our favorites! Highly recommend Cassondra to anyone."


"I've had two sessions with Cass - she knows her angles and lighting and makes me feel super comfortable. Full disclosure: you might stand in some foliage though."


"Love Cass's travel photography. She has a way of seeing ordinary moments and connecting them with others feelings of nostalgia."


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